Group photo of Curtain Call Interiors Team

About Us

Our Team at Curtain Call Interiors offers various decorating services such as one on one consultation with our clients where we concentrate on individual needs, considering space, light and colour to complete into a harmonious, happy ending. We have experience in the residential as well as the commercial market.

Our shop is situated at the West Coast Village shopping centre in Table View. We have a wide range of gifts, décor items and fabric collections including local and the following brand names: Hertex, Stuart Graham, Home Fabrics, Fabric Library, Svenmill and St Ledger & Viney, just to name a few.

We specialise in a wide variety of window treatments. Curtains are our specialty - from neat handmade Pinches, Eyelets, Kirsch-, Goblet-, Smock-, Pocket- or Regis curtains well as all the different poles and rods that go with it; Wood Venetians or Aluminium Venetian blinds.

We do wall-to-wall carpets as well as loose rugs. We do free quotations while measuring for wallpaper, curtains or blinds.

We do custom-made headboards, lamp shades and furniture as well as all soft accessories to complete the whole happy picture.

Photo of Curtain Call interiors Staff
Photo of Curtain Call interiors Staff